Hong Kong International Wedding Trade Fair 2008
Hong Kong International Wedding Trade Fair 2008
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Hong Kong International Wedding Trade Fair 2008
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Invaluable Opportunity

Hong Kong, Asiaˇ¦s most glamorous metropolitan, has a long history as the most important financial and commercial centre in the world. Since 1960s, the international trade activities have been developed vigorously in Hong Kong. According to the Global Competitiveness Report (2005 ˇV 2006), Hong Kong was ranked the 2nd in the Asia competitiveness ranking followed after Tokyo. In 2005, Hong Kong's total merchandise trade amounted to US$591 billion which had been increased by 9.6% as comparing to 2004. This reflects that Hong Kong has become a leading sourcing centre in the Asia Pacific region.

ˇ§Hong Kong International Wedding Trade Fair 2008ˇ¨ is a prominent trade fair in Hong Kong that catered for the global wedding industry. It aims to provide the best merchandising platform for buyers, merchants and suppliers in the wedding industry to meet with a mass of overseas clients which may unfold and develop contacts, businesses, co-operations, brand promotion and other business opportunities.

Experienced Organizer

Audace International Fairs Limited is a well established organizer of trade and consumer shows. With more than 16 years of experience, the company has organized over 100 successful exhibitions. ˇ§Hong Kong Wedding & Banquet Expoˇ¨ is one of the most renowned expo which held in Hong Kong every year. In the last Expo which was held from 17-19 Mar 2007, there were over 500 booths and the area of the venue reached over 110,000 square feet. The Expo attracted tens of thousands of nuptial couples to visit and had brought fruitful businesses and revenues to all the Exhibitors.

International Platform

Since 1993, Audace has organized more than 40 successful wedding exhibitions. With the accumulation of experiences and successes in the past 14 years in organizing wedding exhibitions, Audace owns a huge wedding clients network. This includes wedding studios, wedding gowns & suits, wedding decorations, wedding cards, wedding albums & gifts, wedding jewelry and wedding accessories. The clients are not only in Hong Kong, but also come from various countries like China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, USA, Australia and Europe. Buyers and owners of the wedding shops, studios and chain-stores from different countries will be invited to gather at this spectacular show to source their merchandise and develop businesses.

Wedding Items All-embracing

The Expo will exhibit a good selection of wedding products, ranging from wedding gowns & suits to equipment & hardware for the wedding studios. The multitude of wedding products were grouped under seven main categories for the convenience of the buyers.

Category 1 : Wedding Gowns & Apparel
Category 2 : Wedding Apparel Materials
Category 3 : Wedding Accessories & Jewelry
Category 4 : Wedding Studio Supply
Category 5 : Wedding Beauty & Cosmetics
Category 6 : Wedding Ceremony & Banquet
Category 7 : Health Products for Brides and Grooms

To ensure the success of the Expo, a worldwide advertising and promotion campaign will be launched. Besides, the Organizer will proactively promote the event through its extensive network. The Expo is organized to be an international event which attracts buyers and visitors worldwide.

Undoubtedly, ˇ§Hong Kong International Wedding Trade Fair 2008ˇ¨ will be one of the most prominent international Expo for the wedding suppliers to market their products, gain new customers, and expand their international markets. Donˇ¦t miss this invaluable opportunity to meet your prospective international buyers!


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